Palm Sunday

Happy Palm Sunday! There are few Sundays that bring back memories of childhood like Palm Sunday for me. In the church I grew up in, Palm Sunday was the day where every child walked down the aisles of the church with palm branches in their hands. We walked in with the pomp of the full orchestra ready to announce the arrival of king Jesus too the world.

For me every year was a moment where I felt like I was apart of the grand story of scripture ready to crown King Jesus.

As I grew older I began to study scripture. In doing this I always had questions that arose as I read. One question that hit me as I read through the story of Palm Sunday was, how could Jesus walk into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday as king and be nailed on the cross 5 days later accused by many of the same people who celebrated him?

Here is what I came to. Palm Sunday should be a day to celebrate and mourn.

We should celebrate Palm Sunday since it was this day that Jesus proclaimed himself the king of kings and the prince of piece. It is Palm Sunday that Jesus chose to boldly step towards his place in eternity, King over life and death.

We should mourn on Palm Sunday because it was a day of great delusion for many people. Most of the people who came and spread their coats on the streets of Jerusalem for Jesus were not looking for an eternal savior, they were looking for a temporal king. When Jesus came into Jerusalem most of the people were ready to accept Him as a victor to take on Rome with a sword. Jesus came to take on death by hanging on a cross. When Jesus came into Jerusalem people were ready to take up arms. Jesus came in to lose his life.

This morning as you worship look forward. Look forward to Good Friday and look forward to Easter Sunday. Today begins Jesus’ week long week long walk to the cross. Today celebrate Jesus as the King of Kings but also mourn your sin as you and I are the reason he hung on the cross.

Just as a preview, we will be looking at Jesus steps this week on my blog. Don’t waste Holy Week. Take time each day to dwell on the sacrifice of Jesus.

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