Jesus Is Alive!!!!

It has been quite a week. As I sit here looking back at this years passion week it has not been a week that was defined by a celebration of the Jesus, but instead a week overshadowed by the further erosion of Christian values. Both believers and non believers have spent the week angry at one another over questions of what is right and what is wrong. It has been a chaotic week. The week began with Jesus but as the chaos of the the week hit, Jesus got thrown aside for many in the midst of another cultural battle. I think many of us were surprised when we looked up and Friday was here.

The world we live in today mirrors the world Jesus lived in. Jesus came into Jerusalem with so much promise. With in a day of his coronation down the streets of Jerusalem Jesus had angered enough of the elite of his day that they took the final steps to crucify Him. For your average person it was a day of confusion. Did they trust Jesus who had done so many miracles? Did they trust a Man who they had just been crowned king? Then again, did they trust their leaders and teachers who warned them of Him? Were the words of their teachers true that this man was simply a false leader who would bring them trouble?

For your average person, it was a week of chaos. They celebrated on Sunday, watched as the city fumed in anger towards one another and then looked up on Friday to see this man embroiled in controversy was placed on an instrument of torture for all of the city to see. A week that began in promise ended in death.

For your average person it was another fallen star, another hope thrown away, it was a day of disappointment.

Then throughout the streets of Jerusalem word began to spread. From house to house the news spread that Jesus, the same one who had been tortured and hung as an example was alive. The claim was that he had been literally raised from the dead! Then they saw him. It wasn’t a painting if him, NO, it was actually Him! He ate and drank. This man who was dead came back after 3 days alive!

Friends, the story of Jesus is no fairytale. Jesus, who was God Himself came to this world in the born in our very flesh. He did many awesome signs from healing the sick to feeding thousands of men. He even raised a man from the dead. In the end Jesus was a threat to modern religion and also the politically powerful. They put him to death on a cross. On the cross, Jesus, God Himself, took every evil deed we have ever committed and suffered for them. He did this so that we would not. He was buried and then after 3 days rose again securing for us a new life.

We all get to make a choice today. Today will either be a day where we look at Jesus as just another story to placed somewhere between the Easter bunny and Santa Clause, or we believe that it actually happened.

If Jesus is actually God, if he did what scripture days He did, if He really died in the cross, if he really did rise from the grave, then for those of us who trust, we are CHANGED!

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