What God Did On Easter Sunday!

For a pastor there is not a day bigger than Easter Sunday. It is our Superbowl. Months and months of preparation, praying, stressing and work go into one singular day where we get the unprecedented opportunity to preach the gospel to many people who we would not have the opportunity to during the rest of the year.

On Easter Sunday we see husbands, wives, families, kids and grand kids who for some reason or another will visit our church on this one day. Easter 2013 was no exception to the rule. I had prepared for this day by adding 3 rows of seats to the worship center. As I stepped up to the podium, I was glad to see that almost every seat in the worship center was full and that several rows had been added after the start of services.

It was time for my most important sermon of the year. My Easter sermon is always direct, simple and short. On Easter Sunday I have one goal in mind, preach only the gospel. I believe I accomplished this very thing last week. I had prayed that God would bring people to trust him. Our church body had responded by bringing friends and family. My gospel presentation was given, I gave an invitation and…

No one came.

I walked out of the sanctuary with shoulders slumped, slightly depressed. What had all the work been for?

As I was saying goodbye to the final friends in our building that day my oldest daughter came to me and told me she wanted to be “bab-ba-tized”. Ana had been asking questions about trusting Jesus for close to six months. Jenn and I have been answering them, but holding Ana back because we wanted to make sure that her decision was authentic.

The last thing I wanted to do was baptize my daughter and give her security when she was not truly saved.

God’s Holy Spirit would not let my daughter find any peace till she trusted Him. She was determined. She knew that she was ready. It just took mom and dad a bit to catch up.

God knows what He is doing. Coming into Easter I had encouraged our church to invite their friends and family who did not know Jesus. Jenn and I brought our two. As my daughter heard the words of Ephesians “For by grace you are saved through faith”, God spoke to her heart and she trusted.

Easter 2013 will always be a big day for the Faulk family. I may have left the worship center discouraged, but I left our building walking on air.

God is good!

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