Leadership Lessons

Recently I have been thinking about my style as a leader. I’ve been a bit introspective as I have been wondering how God might use me to equip His church to do his will.
Here are a few things that I have learned about myself.
1. There are certain aspects of the function of church organizations and the presentation of Sunday morning worship that I am obsessive over.
2. There are other aspects of the church that I am not obsessive over, but are important to the viability of our church.
3. I am wired to please people.
 One of my greatest fears in church is that I would become the bottleneck that would prevent our church from following God and growing as men and women trust Jesus through our ministry. I can see that each of these offer both a temptation to bottleneck and a opportunity to grow through.
Here are areas that I hope I can use what I’ve learned to grow with.
1. I need to equip people more talented than I am and trust them to accomplish even the things that I am obsessive over.
Let me give you an example: The totality of my ministry has been in single staff churches. Upon moving to MBC I got the luxury of selecting my first staff member. I led our church to select a qualified youth minister. With my single staffed churches, I was both pastor and youth minister. I directed, volunteered and oversaw the minute details of the youth ministry. When Jason, our outstanding Student minister, came to MBC I had to make a decision to allow his vision to direct the program. Because of this decision, Jason has flourished and I have been freed to accomplish other things.
2. I need to free up people who are more passionate and talented than I am about vital ministries in the church to accomplish what makes their hearts beat.
Recently at our church a couple of ladies have approached me about decorating our church. When I say decorating I don’t mean doilies, but instead a larger than life crown of thorns to hang over our stage. They have asked me on multiple occasions for my picture of the sanctuary. My response has been to tell them, “I trust you.” I know it probably seems like I am unopinionated, but the opposite of it is true. I know my opinion when it comes to decorating would be deteriorating to our church. Why would I limit these two women when I could free them to accomplish their passion for this church.
3. I must constantly remember my job and calling.
As a pastor my call is not to please people. It is not to micromanage them either. My call is to equip them and free them to serve His church in His vision in unity.

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