Boston. For the runner this word alone stirs up any number of emotions. It is the pinnacle race in our world. It is the race that all other races are run for. We run fast in marathons so that we could possibly run Boston.

Boston. Today this very word turns my stomach. I have watched as image after image crossed the screen. I really don’t know where to begin in responding to this. I will try in two ways. I am a runner, and I am a believer.

I signed up for a half marathon today. I will run it. I will not cower nor will I look over my shoulder when I run. Why? If I cancel my marathon schedule the bad guys win. I will run races where I know I do not have police lining the road for my protection. This year I will run for Boston, not to make it but to show that bad guys can’t make me hide in my house. I will run big races. The day I hide is the day they win. I know the glorious feeling of crossing the finish line. I know that the next time I cross a finish line I will think of the events that happened today.

What happened today was evil. I know that many have asked the question of how such evil can happen. Sadly we do live in a world where evil and death are normal. The simple cause of it is sin. Sin is far more rampant than we realize. Scripture says it this way — that the world is groaning from the pain that sin has brought. Today as we looked at televisions and connected with our fellow human beings in Boston, we groaned as we caught a glimpse of how terrible that death is.

Death will not win. We see and know the reckless actions of death in this world. God does not want death to win. It will not win. He sent Jesus to conquer death. Jesus felt the same pain as every victim of terrorism. He felt the pain of vicious men as they tortured and killed him. Jesus died so that death will not win. Jesus is not dead, though.  He rose again. He rose so that death would not reign. We all will face the sting of the vicious foe of death, but Jesus has given life to any man who looks to Him. This world and this life is not all there is. For those who trust in Jesus there is life everlasting.

Tomorrow I am going to go run. I will run and pray for the people of Boston. As an American I will not let cowardly actions make me hide. As a runner I will not let cowardly men keep me from racing. As a believer in Jesus I will run with the hope that that the sting of death will not win.

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