A Good Pastor Must Be A Great Leader

Leadership is not easy. Leadership requires that you take bold steps towards things that matter. These steps are not always easy, but they are certainly necessary.

In my morning time studying God’s Word, I am reading through the books of Kings. Kings is a simple collection of history written to show the triumphs and failures of the kings of Israel. Throughout the book a common theme emerges. King after king after king disobeys God and either allows sin and idolatry to remain or worse they fully embrace it and make their own.

In the books of Kings bad kings are the norm, but then out of the blue a good king arises and leads the people to reject idolatry and embrace God. With a history like Israel had, one might ask why didn’t more kings embrace God? The answer is simply that rejecting the idolatry from the midst of the nation took a leader and most of Israel’s kings were followers.

Most of the kings of Israel followed their people. Most of the kings of Israel led in such a way never to ruffle feathers. Most of the kings of Israel chose to be pleasers of men rather than pleasers of God.

The good kings were different. They were willing to step away from what was accepted and embrace what was right. The good kings were willing make hard decisions and do hard things, like destroy the idols of the people, because they knew God’s call mattered. The good kings were willing to sacrifice themselves because they wanted to please God and not men.

I am no king, but I often stand in the same place as they did. God has placed a call on my life to lead others to Him. I am tempted to please men and not God. I am tempted to ignore the failings of my church so that I don’t ruffle it’s feathers. God has called me to lead.

A great pastor has to be a great leader. In this he must be willing to move his flock away from complacency and sin and towards God. He must be willing to take a stand for God’s truth even when everyone around him may disagree. He must be willing to make hard decisions that won’t always be popular. I know that I need to be willing to sacrifice myself and do hard things because the call of God matters for the people of His church. As a pastor/leader, I know ultimately my call is to please God and not people.

Today I would love for you to pray for this pastor. I don’t want to be a man who settles for pleasing people. I want to be a leader who pleases God. Will you pray that God would give me the boldness to be a good pastor who is willing to sacrifice himself for Kingdom of God?

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