My Week To Recharge

Before I stepped into ministry I would have never dreamed how challenging ministry is. What makes it challenging I guess depends on the season. For me there have been seasons where waking up and going back to a church in conflict has been the struggle. I have had seasons where dealing with difficult relationships were the challenge. There have been seasons where exhaustion just beat me down.

I am discovering a new challenge these days. At MBC my challenge isn’t that things are falling apart, but instead the opposite. MBC is headed in the right direction in unity. It is awesome. What’s the challenge then, Wes? The challenge is that in good time most people, including me, become complacent and self dependent.

In difficult times I depend on God for everything. In easy times I depend on my self.

I have noticed in myself recently a bit of self reliance. From day one at our church we have talked about the centrality of Jesus and little else. From day one my heart was set on leading those who know Jesus and those who don’t to focus and live in Jesus alone. In recent days I have seen that my zeal for this has faltered and that I have settled for just growing the church.

Conferences are always a welcome necessity in my life. They are opportunities to get out of the day to day grind and get an opportunity to refocus. The Catalyst conference accomplished this very purpose for me.

Here is where I grew.

  • I saw the need remember what my “job” at church is all about. I am called to lead our church to bring people who don’t know Jesus to know Him.
  • I saw how quickly the days are passing with my girls and how desperately I need to not just live in the same house with my family but instead LIVE with my family.
  • I was able to dream about the future of MBC.
  • I was able to worship and seek God without micromanaging the service (this was an unexpected treat)
  • I was able to get to know Jason our new Student Pastor.

I am so grateful for a church who gave me the freedom to go recharge and remember. Thanks for giving me this gift.

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