3288 Children Were Murdered Today And We Did Nothing

I am going to break one of my hard and fast rules in this post. I have made a commitment that I would never post on my blog in a reactionary fashion based on emotion. My rule of thumb is that venting for the world to see is not what is best for me.


Today I am going to break my rule.


Today I read an article that detailed the murders of infants. I read how a man, Kermit Gosnel, systematically killed the most unprotected group in our society, infants, babies, children who could not protect themselves.


If the atrocities of this man were done to anyone else our nation would be outraged. We would be demanding that action be taken to prevent anything like this from ever happening again. Instead the practice of Gosnel is an assumed cultural norm.


When 2 men placed bombs in Boston our nation cringed. We stood together “Boston Strong” claiming that this act of terrorism would not define us as a nation. We demanded that justice be served and sat on the edges of our seats as the terrorists were arrested. We would not let this senseless act of violence stand.


When a young man slaughtered innocent kindergarteners we were shaken. We demanded that action be taken not only to bring justice to this terrorist, but to also prevent anything like this atrocity from ever happening again.


Today 3288 children, infants , innocent victims were murdered. Our response: we go to bed unshaken, unaffected and complacent.


Shame on me for not crying for those who were never given the chance to cry. Shame on me for not doing anything to protect these helpless victims of an American genocide.


What’s our excuse, that our murder would free a segment of our population to go to work. We have murdered children to make an extra buck, to get an extra promotion and to have “rights” to our bodies.


Shame on us.


We have bowed down to worship our own success willingly trampling on, vacuuming out, and murdering people created in the very image of God.


Shame on us.

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