Not Settling For Survival

Every church has in it the potential to be used by God to do things that no member could even dream. Every church has the possibility to be used by God to make a difference for Him in its community.


Why then don’t we?


Last night while teaching at church I had one of those light bulb moments. You know, that moment when fuzzy becomes clear. Last night I realized that many churches are not reaching God’s potential for them because they they see survival as their goal of existence.


What do I mean by this?


Think about it… How many decisions are made in any church body to keep things safe. How many decisions are made so that the light bill gets paid, no members get hurt, numbers don’t drop or even that the pastor gets paid?


Security often drives leadership.


As I was teaching last night, I referenced Hebrews 11. It’s a passage that shows the great leaps of faith that the assorted characters of the Bible made. What I noticed as I read the passage aloud to my group was that no character on the list settled for survival.


Every character stepped out of a mundane life of survival to be apart of God’s bigger narrative.


I guess that’s what faith is.


Faith is being willing to step out of a mundane life of survival into a life lived in the great narrative of God.


Today I walk into my office with many more questions than I have answers. All that said, I know this, God has bigger plans for Memorial Baptist Church than just survival.


As your pastor friends, I can promise you this, I will listen for when God calls and when he does I know the next step must be one of faith. Will you pray for me that I can hear and discern God call. When he does call, will you step with me?

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