A Baptist Pastor Did What?

There is only one boss in the church. God. There is only one worth following in the church. Jesus. When a church embraces these realities it will move forward to the calling it was created for.


Yesterday I did something unusual for any baptist pastor. I washed the feet of the chairman of the deacons. If there has ever been a relationship that was strained in any church it is this one. The deacon chair has often been the topic of many post Sunday pastoral gripes as I am sure many pastors have been the topic of Sunday evening calls of concern.


I am blessed as a pastor to have a deacon chair who does not see his place as one of power but instead one of service.


That’s not why I washed his feet.


Yesterday I washed my deacon chair’s feet because I want this single action to define God’s call for my ministry. Truth be told, it should define all pastor’s ministries. God has called no pastor to rule, he has called the pastor to lead through service.


To many times we struggle as men because we begin to think that the church is about power or strength. It becomes a war zone where men fight over insignificant details that poison church bodies.


There is only one boss in the church. God. There is only one worth following in the Church. Jesus. Only one died for the church. Only one purified the church. Only one can redeem the church.


That one, Jesus Christ, showed what kind of leadership he demands when He, God, came and washed his own disciples feet.


If God would wash our feet as men, how can find any other kind of leadership other than through service.


MBC friends, lets follow God together. I pray that I might be the servant God has called me to be at our church. I pray that through my service I might help us to grow into Christ.

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