My Post Church Embarrassment

A few weeks ago I slipped up as pastor. Our family went out to eat with another family after church. Sundays for me are long days. Every week I start around 3:30am and am exhausted and famished by the time services end. This sunday I was especially tired and hungry. We sat with our friends, food was placed in front of us and I dug in. A few moments into my third bite I noticed the eyes of every person at the table looking at me. For clarification those eyes included my two girls and my wife. What had I done? Was there sour cream on my face?
I know what I had done….
The pastor plowed into his plate with members of his church watching and HE FORGOT TO PRAY!!!!!
Uh oh, this could be it, the pedestal I have stood on has crumbled and I am seen for what I am, a pagan pastor who does not pray (at least this one time) before meals. 
Our table had a good laugh at my disregard for the common christian practice. I think someone said that the fat and cholesterol  doubles when the food is not blessed.
Have you ever thought about all the rules and practices that come with being a christian. As silly as this story my seam, I have yet to find the commandment that states “Thou shalt pray and bless thine food before  every meal that thine unhealthy choices might become blessed and healthy so that thine belly might not grow.”
Is it wrong to pray before meals? No. Its a wonderful opportunity to remember and thank God for providing. Is it wrong to judge a tired and hungry pastor who had been up since 3:30am? Ok, OK, I will get over that. 
How often do we create rules that every good christian should know? How often do we get caught up in our well intentioned religious practices that we may even miss God in those practices?  
This coming sunday we are going to look at a group of men who completely missed God because they were to busy thinking about how Jesus should have followed their practices. Jesus gave sight to a blind man and the religious were worried that he didn’t do it on the right day. 
Just curious, what are some christian things that we do that we may not even notice?

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