Don’t Send Your Kids To Hell

Parenting is all about pleasing God. A parent has no greater responsibility than leading their kids to trust Jesus.


A new trend has begun in parenting. I guess it should be no surprise to me. I live in a generation that is all about individual expression and in many ways this value of ours has carried over into our parenting. The trend is simply a push to allow our kids as much freedom as possible to express themselves and chart their own paths.


It is seen in many different ways. For some they see the norms of being male and female as too institutional and they let their kids decide whether they crave pink toys or blue toys.


It is also seen by parents parading in front of their kids all number of activities and hobbies until the kids are content.


For many of us this practice is reactionary. We feel we were placed in to a mold of some sort when we were growing up and in reaction to that we decide to avoid the mold altogether.


Probably the biggest decision my generation has made with our kids is towards their faith. Many if us grew us with the same “drug” problem. We were all drug to church. In this we remember how much we wanted to stay home, watch cartoons and stay in our pjs.


Because of this experience in our lives we want our kids to find faith on their own. What do we do? Often times we allow them to simply watch our faith, never really trying to force it on them allowing them to discover for themselves what they believe.


We think we are giving them the gift of self enlightenment. Our kids see that our faith is simply not that important to us.


Here is the basic truth they learn, if our faith is not worth sharing it is not worth holding to.


Let me be straight forward here. I may offend you.


A Christian parent who does not lead their children to Jesus actually hates their children.






Yes, you read that right, any Christian parent that does not make the their child’s faith Christ their first priority actually hates their child.


Why would I make such a bold claim? If you believe heaven and hell are real, if you believe the scriptural teaching that only through Christ is one saved then you will also believe that a child who does not trust Jesus whole heartedly will go to hell.


A parent who does not make their primary aim in leading their child to faith is complacent in allowing them to go to hell.


On Sunday we are going to see a sad story of two parents in the bible love their standing in the community more than they love their child. They saw God work and yet chose to deny him through their silence.


My children’s faith matters to much for me to remain silent. Your kids faith matters to much for you to remain silent.


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