I Spent My Evening Going Door to Door with Mormons

That was a first! I just spent my evening going door to door in my neighborhood with a couple of Mormon missionaries.


This evening about the time I sat down to eat dinner with my family I heard a knock on my door. I opened to find two young men from Idaho who were going door to door sharing the false message of Mormonism. I told them politely that we were not interested and that I would be praying that their message would not be heard this evening. Maybe I wasn’t so polite.


As they walked towards my neighbors door, I realized that this was more than an inconvenience, this was an eternal matter. It hit me, if these two men succeeded at even one house this evening, those people would be lost and going to hell.


I got up. I got my work clothes back on and I decided to walk with these two men to simply share the TRUE gospel of Jesus when they offered their false message. We went to the first house, it was uncomfortable. We made it half way up the second driveway when I began to ask them questions.


Why do you hold that the KJV as sacred when the bible was written in Greek and Hebrew?


Do you believe that Jesus is a God or THE God?


What if you are wrong?


When the bible says the Word became flesh, how was that not God becoming Jesus?


How can you ignore the article o (Greek for the) in John 1:1?


What about God saying us in Genesis?


I you believe the bible is the inspired word of God why do you only carry a Book of Mormon?


After a peaceful (yes really) discussion with these two boys they were tired. The older of the two looked at me. (Please read this next part as a quote, I in no way endorse this language) He said “Your Trinity is retarded and you are a retard. You will spend eternity in retardation. What do we need to do to get you to go away.”


I simply told him that I would not go away until he left my neighborhood.


He stormed off down the block towards his bike. After he left, I simply pleaded with his less confrontational partner to trust God and not the form of god that he followed.


Both boys biked away lost unaware of the true Jesus.


I guess tonight I realized a few things.


There is a war going on for the souls of men. If the devil can get a person to worship a slightly altered form of god, but not the true God he has damned a soul to hell.

While we as Christians are sitting home complacent, others are out calling men away. We need to go and meet our neighbors purposely to introduce them to Jesus.

What you believe about God matters. How much you know about God matters. Both of these men were clever at twisting scripture for their own purposes.

Even though we may get angry for their tactics, Mormons need Jesus too.


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