Phil Points Us to a Bigger Problem

This morning I’m still trying to keep straight all that I’m supposed to boycott. Am I still boycotting Disney?  How about Starbucks? I can’t remember; am I supposed to eat at Chik-fil-a or not? 
Phil Robertson is the newest figure in what seems to be a circus of lightning rods in the ongoing culture war. In an upcoming edition of GQ magazine he stated, in his own matter of fact way, that homosexuality is a sin. In response to his remarks, A&E, his employer, decided to suspend Phil until he either recants or until the next lightning rod pops up and they can resume making money off this goofy redneck family. 

I will admit I did watch Duck Dynasty. I left because the story lines became contrived and the show resembled a mockumentary of itself. That said, I respect Phil’s plain spoken conviction to Jesus and his desire to not compromise and worship the fame A&E promises. 
Over the past 10 hours or so, people have reacted to A&E’s suspension in a number of ways. 1. Conservatives have called this an outrage and started a push boycott A&E. 2. Liberals rejoiced that A&E has taken up their cause. 3. Many just rolled their eyes as there will always be a new face in the target scope of the culture war. 4. Some agreed with Phil’s statement but reacted harshly with the way he said it. 
Here is my take. 
1. Why are we surprised that standing for God is rejected by the world? Scripture is clear that a sinful world will in no way love God. Until God redeems the earth we must accept the fact that standing for God will mean rejection by the world. 
2. Christians have to get past the “why can’t we all just get along?” attitude. The newest movement that has arisen (though it’s probably not all that new) among christians is that we should be softer, more accepting people. They believe we shouldn’t take as hard of a stance against sins because it makes us look bigoted. Funny enough scripture teaches over and over that tolerating sin is hatred towards God. Christians are called to be people of God’s word. Simply we can’t accept that which God hates.  
3. God loves all men. He hates sin. He hates sin to the degree that He offered His only son to die so that we humans would not have to deal with the wrath due to us. Can we as Christians in any way tolerate that which Jesus died for?
4. Over and over throughout the Bible God calls his people to reject, flee from and call sin what it is… SIN. 
5. God desires to free men from sin, not to sin. 
We should never expect that a sinful world would in anyway accept God or the righteousness He calls us to. In the same way, we as believers cannot dumb down what scripture calls us to because we want to be PC and loved by our culture. Scripture is not PC and does not hold punches. Scripture calls sin, SIN and we should do the same. 
James 4

 You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

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