The Blog Is Back and Sunday’s Coming!

I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I have blogged here on I confess I haven’t made it the priority that it needs to be. I guess I will blame it on being busy, but in the end I just didn’t write. 

I have a plan for this blog. Here it is, my plan is to write twice a week. Why am I telling you this? I guess because I want you to haggle and harass me when I don’t . I love blogging for no other reason than it helps me sort through my thoughts of ministry and life. 

Here is my plan: I am going to write 2 blogs a week. The first blog will be a bit of a scattered blog dealing with anything from popular culture to ministry to leadership to racing. The core of this weekly post will remain the same looking at all things through the lens of scripture. My second weekly post I am going to call Sundays Coming. In this blog my desire is to summarize and preview my weekly message in order to prepare Memorial Pasadena folks for Sunday.

Here we go, Sundays Coming!

If there is anything in the modern church that draws contention and strife it is worship. In many ways what distinguishes most churches from one another these days is no longer convictions but instead flavor. Worship in our modern sense can be summed up in the idea of experience. Its the bang for your buck that you get from church. 

If one gets what they desire from the service, then they leave happy, if not then they leave unfulfilled. 

For many, worship happens when we sing the songs we like participate in a service that soothes us and then hear a message that inspires us. Without these ingredients many would leave without having “worshiped”. 

The modern church has completely missed what genuine worship is. 

Worship has NOTHING to do with what we get out of it. Worship is completely about what we give. 

Worship at its core requires sacrifice. Worship is giving God what costs us dearly. Worship is a life lived in reverence and surrender to its maker. Worship is the humble giving of oneself in service of our Savior. 

This week as we meet to hear God’s word we will be looking at one of the greatest acts of worship in the Bible. Mary (of Mary and Martha) is moved by the coming death of Christ to take burial perfume, a costly gift, and bathe Jesus’ feet with her hair. For her it was an act of humility and sacrifice to honor her Savior. 

Worship for any person should follow this simple example. It is more than music and more than a service. Worship is living out humility and sacrifice to honor our savior. 

How do we apply this to our church services…

  • Greater worship is seen when a senior sings to God though a praise chorus or a young adult sings though an old hymn. 
  • Greater worship is seen when people listen and apply God’s word especially when the presentation is somewhat bland.
  • Greater worship is seen when you serve in the places no one praises you for. 
  • Greater worship is when you give sacrificially without anyone knowing. 
  • Greater worship is when you love others that just seem unloveable. 
  • Greater worship is serving your church even when it doesn’t serve you. 

Are you catching the picture?

Worship has nothing to do with what you get out of it. Worship is about what you give. 

When we worship for what we get, all we are doing is worshiping ourselves. 

When our worship is about what we give, it is honoring and glorying to God. 

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