Saying Goodbye

Do you remember when I promised last week that was back and that I would be publishing 2 blogs a week? Here we are, Saturday morning and there is nothing new on the page. 

This past week was a tough week for the Faulk family. On Monday morning as Jenn and I were sitting down to have breakfast, Jenn got a call that we weren’t looking forward to. Her mom called to let her know that her grandmother had been given between 3 and 7 day to live. 4 hours after that morning phone call, Jenn heard got a second call. Her grandmother has passed on to be with Jesus.

Jenn’s grandmother was a particular woman. She had been organizing her funeral long before I joined the family. When I joined, I was given the place of singing Amazing Grace and helping her pastor lead the service. The rest of the men in the family were asked to wear matching white shirts and jeans and to serve as pall bearers. Everything was fine until two weeks ago when Mamo’s (Jennifer’s Grandmother) pastor unexpectedly passed away. All of a sudden I was given the task of not only singing, but also leading the funeral service for in many ways the cornerstone of Jenn’s family. 

Sitting in my in laws house I was originally befuddled as to what to share during the service. My desire was to both honor Mamo as well as honor Christ. 

I knew what my message would be, it was simple, I was going to share how God had worked in Mamo’s life and how he is working today, in heaven in the restoration of her soul. 

As we had the services, many tears were shed. She is a woman who meant much to her family, her friends and her church. 

This morning as I am thinking forward to tomorrow the underlying thought that I am working through is what will be shared at my funeral.  

Life can be spent in so many ways. It can be spent chasing after fun, money, power or any number of other things. That said, life is wasted if it is not lived for the glory of God. 

With Jennifer’s Grandmother, she was not shy to tell you of how she was saved. In fact in one of her well worn bibles she left a note to one of the grandkids with instructions to read it every day. 

What are people going to talk about at your funeral? Will they talk about your odd habits, will they talk about your collections, or will they talk about God’s work in your life?

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