Is Your Church a Poser?

John 15:19
If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.
When I was younger there were few things that mattered to me as much as popularity. In junior high, I wore oversized football jerseys, baggy jeans, and Reebok pumps in order to fit in with the in crowd. In my early high school days I wore what my dad called construction boots and Tommy Hilfiger shirts to strut my stuff. I have since realized what I was. I was a poser. I attempted to dress up to look like others to fit in with others. 
— I am so glad Facebook was not around in my teenage years —
In recent days the church has begun wading through an identity crisis. With the rise and acceptance of many things that Scripture calls sin, the church has had to ask the question of how it will minister and love those who live contrary to God’s word.
It seems that the church has been forced to either reject or embrace a culture that in most ways is completely contrary to Scripture. 
Honestly, I would never have dreamt that we would live in a time when people would wrestle with which restrooms transgender people use. 
As the people of God our first instinct is to completely reject those who sin differently than us. Scripture is clear that God hates sin and that His wrath is poured out on all who embrace their sin and turn away from God and His holy call. 
Then we remember that God is love and swing the opposite direction. 
Not wanting to be lumped in with the Westboro protestors (I refuse to call them a church and refuse to call them Baptists), we decide to only think of God’s love and grace. We think the best way to win sinners is to accept sinners as they are. We change to make church more comfortable for sinners. 
We as the church become posers. 
As churches we feel if we embrace both sinner and sin we are more able to love and minister to them. We feel if we cloak ourselves in the clothes of the world we might be most effective in relating to and reaching the world. 
Let me be clear, both the rejection of sinners and acceptance of sin are contrary to Scripture.  The church does not exist to hate people, and it does not exist to be a poser. 
God’s call for the world is that they might turn from their sin and return to Him. God’s call for every man is not only to embrace his love but also to embrace his call. 
God does not want His church to look like the world. He desires for His church to both model and call the world to the abundant life that He gives that is rooted in His word. 
We are called to be different. We should show the world a love only God can give. We should call people to holiness. We should never hide, nor be ashamed of the righteous call of God. 
God wants us to be transformational. 

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