A HUGE Change In Church This Sunday

Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments? You know, the one where you figure something out that you should have known all along. 

About 6 months ago I had my aha moment. I was sitting with the staff of our church thinking and planning for the future when it hit me that a child could go 13 years in our church without ever hearing the preaching of God’s word. Can I repeat that for you… 13 YEARS! 

Our church has incredible ministries for kids. I am confident that as kids go to our Sunday school, AWANAs and Children’s Church they are taught scripture and discipled to know the great stories as well as the gospel. It just seems wrong that these kids had no exposure to what I believe is the heartbeat of the church. 

This Sunday we are going to try something new at our church. We are going to invite all of our kids from kindergarten on up to join us, not just in worship, but also to stay to hear the word of God taught. 

This bold step will be a sacrifice all the way around. For the parents in our church, they will have to help their kids to listen and understand what is preached. For many in our church who are past their parenting days, they will realize that there are a whole lot of wiggling and squirming bodies  with us. We are taking this bold step because the future of our children’s faith matters that much. 

These “Family Sundays” are going to happen once  a quarter. As a church we want to celebrate these children and nurture their faith so that they are prepared to become the next deacons, ministers and leaders of our church. 

For Christ, children were always around when He taught. Many times they were not still, were not quiet and did not act like small adults. Kids in Jesus’ day acted just like they do today, loud wiggly and noisy. 

On one occasion the adults grew tired of the kids. They told the kids to go away so that Jesus could focus on what really mattered: adults. Jesus simple responded “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”

 This week MBC friends, take an extra moment and love the kids who worship with us. Encourage their parents who bring them and celebrate that we are body who has multiple generations worshiping together. 

Join this week for our first Family Sunday. 

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