Sacrificing My Self Righteousness

I love rules. I do. I am a believer that the world would work SO MUCH better if everyone just followed the rules, or at least my rules. 

I am the type of person who when he sees a lane closing on the highway gets over as soon as possible… and then gripes at every car that passes me. 

I am the type of person who wants to make sure everything is fair, always without exception. 

I love rules. 

As I have pastored and live among christians who are in many ways rule followers I have noticed a trend among us. We often become so driven towards the rules that we forget that we are the people of grace. As believers we become so passionate about following God that we forget that everything we have is given by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. 

Why is this important?

God, who created the rules, gave us a gift when we not only failed at the ruled but also rejected the rules all together. He died so we can have life. 

We are the ones driving full speed knowing that our lane will end. It is Jesus who sits at the front of the line sacrificially giving up his spot for us. 

Why is this important? 

As believers we are called to live for God while at the same time, offering grace and sacrificing ourselves for those that don’t. 

Sacrifice is not easy nor is it fun, but the heart of Christianity is found is this God honoring task.

How can you sacrifice yourself this week? 

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