Narcissistic Love

This week at Memorial Pasadena we are talking about love. As I have thought over what to communicate to our church body, a simple idea has hit me. Have we mistaken world changing Jesus love for unintentional narcissistic love? 

Here is what I mean, back in the 1970s a song was popular which went “I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I love you to love me, I’m begging you to beg me.” I wonder if this is what love has become in churches today. We love everyone who loves us. We love people who make us feel good about ourselves.  We love people who care about us. For many of us the cornerstone of our love is unintentional selfishness. 

The world around us is become more segmented by the day. The gap between races, economics, politics and peoples is growing wider. 

When I read scripture, I don’t see a “want you to want me” kind of love. I don’t see a love that seeks only people who affirm it. What I see is a love that reaches across boundaries to love those who are different. I see a love that continues to love when it is scorned. I see a love that goes out of its way to sacrifice itself for others. 

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

I guess my heart has been convicted of my own unintentional narcissistic love. I love people who love me. I have a feeling, though, that its not just me. I wonder if the great problem of evangelism in our modern time is that we don’t love people with a world changing Jesus love. 

This week will you look around at who you love?  Do you love other people with an unintentional narcissistic love, or do you love them with a world changing Jesus love? 

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