My Hospital Visit

I went to the Hospital today. As a pastor this is nothing out of the ordinary. I probably make at least one trip a week to visit my church friends as they are walking through pain. I was visiting my friend Tex who is walking through a difficult battle with cancer. 

In many instances as I make these visits I come hoping to bring joy and faith to my church members who are hurting. I come to pray for and walk with them as they battle all kinds of diseases. 

This visit was different  than my normal visit. Instead of ministering to my friend, I was ministered to by him. Instead of building up a brother’s faith, my faith was strengthened as I saw a friend stand firmly through pain in the grace of Jesus Christ. 

I am a believer that pain often pain removes our pretenses and shows us for who we really are. It often brings our guard down to the core of who we are. As I sat in this hospital room I saw a man overflowing with the presence of Jesus Christ.

This morning at our Men’s bible study I taught that we are the “fragrance of Christ”. The simple idea is that as we live our lives day to day, Jesus Christ would be so evident that anyone close to us would see it. 

There was no doubt that every nurse and doctor that took care of my friend Tex came to experience the aroma of Jesus Christ. 

In your life, do people experience the aroma of Christ? Does you attitude and words display the love of your savior who sacrificed Himself for you? 

I pray that I would show God’s love to every person who is around me. I pray that also for my church. 

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