A Few Thoughts On McKinney Texas

I remember when I first saw the story of McKinney Texas on the news. My thoughts jumped quickly to “Here we go again. We’ve got another ratings driven piece where we vilify a  quality officer and continue to fuel a race war.” I jumped quickly to my computer where I watched serval videos hoping to see something, anything that would vindicate the officer. The more I watched the harder it became. 

I will admit that I generally respect authority. When a news story comes on, I always take the law’s side. I saw through the efforts of the media to bash public servants when they told victim driven news segments. I do this because I have a cousin serving on the force who was unfairly the target of such a news story when a crook pinned him in a car and attempted to dump him on a major highway. In self defense he shot the driver. The news told a far different story of how another unarmed man was shot by police. They didn’t tell the whole story. The news station placed my cousins life in danger as his image was plastered on every television screen making him public enemy of the neighborhood he sought to protect. 

I will admit, when I see the race bait stories we pass off as news, I hardly believe them because they are almost always slanted towards the “victim”. 

This time was different. The more times I watched the officer slam a bikini clad teenager to the ground the harder it was to justify his actions. For me, I asked “what if this was my daughter?”. In all honesty, what if this was a white girl, any white girl? This is just my opinion, but I think the conservative part of our country would be livid. FoxNews would have a truck planted in that neighborhood with Bill O’Riley screaming for the officers head. 

Because we have seen so many dishonest stories about police and race, white America will blindly jump to conclusions any time a similar story arises. I think white conservative America may be blind to the justice of a teenage girl because we care more now about winning a culture war than for standing up for those who have been hurt. 

This story is different than most of the race bait news. This is not a story about a DJ, fence jumpers or backtalk. It is a story about whether the force a public servant used was justified by the actions of a teenage girl. It is whether a man who exists to keep the peace became the threat himself. If we removed all our biases, preconceived notions and were honest, a teenage girl was abused by the very person who should have protected her. 

As Americans, all of us, we need to be able to see through the news. We need to be honest about the fact that there are people who target our police officers. We need to be aware that our news stations both conservative and liberal care more about ratings than the truth. We also need to be truthful that some policer officers (not all, not the majority, only a very small number) do not seek the public good. 

We as white conservative Americans must be willing to call excessive force what it is. We must stand behind victims of police brutality. It is only when we are truthful about the abuse of a small number that we can stand behind genuinely good guys who protect us every day. We lose our credibility to defend our good guys when we blindly stand behind a few bad ones. 

Perhaps McKinney can be a turning point for race in our country. Perhaps a nation can rally around a girl who was the victim of a police officer who overstepped his authority. Perhaps we can foster a spirit of truthfulness as we don’t allow race to cloud justice. 

I proudly back the blue. I proudly stand behind my family a friends who put their  lives on the line every day to keep me safe. I am thankful for all that they do and I’m not going to allow the foolish actions of one to color my vision of all of them.

Today mourn with a family and community who is hurting as well as thank an officer who is keeping you safe. 

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