Living Through Your Rearview Mirror

About a year ago I discovered a new app for my phone called timehop. The premise is simple, it collects all of you Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts on that day for every year previous that you have been online. I love it. 

After I wake up, study, pray and drink a gallon of coffee, I take off to memory lane to relive my life through the pictures of days gone bye. I will admit, I have a habit of romanticizing the past. I gloss over the struggles and pain. When I look back my past is through rose colored glasses. For me, there is no better day than yesterday or the day before that. 

This week at church we talked about the struggle we all have of living in the past. Most of us either define our selves through our past failures or victories. I guess your view of the past differs based on whether you are a half full or half empty person. 

God doesn’t want us to be people of the past. He wants us to be people of faith living in Him today. 

As I have talked with believers one thing I have encountered over and over is this idea that the best days are already past. In their lives their closest days with Jesus are a memory. In our country the good ole days have passed away.  In church the glory years have retired. 

The people of faith have come to view life through the river view mirror. 

As we begin a new year in our church, in our lives and in this world, perhaps we need a simple message for Jesus…“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” 

Look forward. 

God is faithful, he is not done with you, with your church, with this country or with this world. God is going to work. The question for you is whether you will be apart of his great plan or miss it because you are stuck living through your rearview mirror. 

God is going to do something awesome in 2016. Will you be apart of it?

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