3 Obstacles of Evangelism

As I read through Scripture, I am captivated by the contagiousness of the Gospel. With very little organization, God’s Gospel spread and people were won to faith. Today, churches spend billions of dollars on state of the art worship centers, programs, and outreach training with dwindling results. American Christians have lost their zeal and passion for evangelism.

I have watched this trend in my years as pastor and have struggled with why my church members lacked passion for seeing people turn to Christ. Here are a few obstacles that I have seen… 

  •  Many believers don’t know non believers. We have adopted an idea that true godliness means only spending time with Christians. Our culture war has further isolated us as nonbelievers have become enemies to be defeated, not people to be loved. Because of this, we have retreated into our buildings, giving up any opportunity to spread the Gospel.
  • Some believers invalidate their words though their actions.  The greatest witness any person can have is a life lived in surrender to Jesus. Many people today are lackng hope in our broken world. When your life is no different than theirs, why would they want what you have?  
  • Some don’t share because faith is not a first passion. We as people tend to talk about what we care about. We talk about sports, kids, illness, and jobs easily. Why? We do so because those are the major passions of our lives. Our silence on faith outside the church building points to its lack of influence in our lives. When your faith takes first importance in your life it becomes a natural topic of conversation. 

The mission of God should become the mission of every believer. The passion of God should become the passion of every believer. What is keeping you from sharing your faith. Will you tell somebody about what God has done in your life today? 

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