How To Build Community In Your Church

If there is one thing baptist believe in it is  the sacred potluck. You know the meal, the hodgepodge conglomeration of butter soaked goodness. Have you ever wondered what purpose this artery clogging meal for?

Church socials are a wonderful opportunity for both outsiders and insiders to build relationships through. They exist to create an informal time to spend time with each other outside of the structure of Bible study and worship.  More often than not though, we fall into a few ruts that make socials seem like a waste of time. Here are 3 ways to make your next church social into an intentional event at your church. 

  • Invite your friends who don’t go to church. For many people the fear of church is coming to a place where they don’t know anybody. The church Super Bowl party, chili cook off, ladies tea or golf trip is a perfect place to introduce them to your church. It provides an informal place for them to get to know other people in your church.  

  • Find the newcomers to your church and sit with them. The greatest struggle of new members in any church is building relationships. Most churches have friendship circles that date back years. It is difficult to merge into a body where so many deep relationships exist. If a new family does not build meaningful relationships in your church, they won’t be there long. Use the time at a social to build relationships with new friends. 

  • Sit with people that you don’t know.  We all fall into a rut. In any church whether big, small, young or old, everyone has “their seat”. At socials we all tend to spend time with those whom we already know (and normally sit in the same spot we have always sat). One of the great gifts of genuine church fellowship is that God has placed people in his church from every walk of life. There is nothing better than getting to know another person’s story for the first time. You can’t experience that fellowship unless you step outside your comfort zone. 

If you are intentional, the next church social could be a great opportunity to grow, build fellowship and enrich your church. You have to choose to make the most of the opportunities given. 

Excuse me now, there’s only one piece of pecan pie left and it has my name on it. 

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