The War on our Children

I will be up front with this. President Obama’s plan to connect federal funds to public school compliance of transgender bathrooms infuriates me. The thought that the government of the United States will be stepping in and teaching my children sexual ethics screams of tyranny. My children should not be the lab rats to test out a new morality. Russell Moore shares this point far better than I could on his blog. I would like to take a different approach.


My children attend a Title One school. To clarify, this means that my children’s school district receives part of the 14 billion dollars allocated for impoverished areas. This money is used to provide every child in our district with a free breakfast. It provides the overwhelming majority of students in the district with either a discounted or free lunch. This is good. Many students in our districts would not receive breakfast or lunch at all if not for this program. Title One schools also use their funds to provide quality curriculum and educational tools for the students. This program gives students whose parents work hard but for low wages the opportunity to go to college and have a reasonable chance of career success.

When the President of the United States connects the LGBT agenda to school funding, he is in essence telling low income school districts that children’s meals and education are a carrot to carry out his moral crusade. We need to be clear — Title One schools are being held hostage in this cultural mandate. Stating it another way, President Obama is pressing his agenda on the backs of impoverished Americans. Schools on the north and west side of Houston whose football stadiums rival the local colleges will be able to survive this funding threat. Pasadena ISD cannot survive the removal of federal funds.

How do we respond? In Pasadena, a majority evangelical and Catholic district, we have to stand up against the push to indoctrinate our children to the latest cultural edict. If the federal government so chooses to remove our funding, we must step up to provide the meals, equipment, salaries, and curriculum our schools need. If this means our schools need to pass a bond to pay for the governmental deficiencies, we must vote yes. If this means we choose to volunteer in the schools, we step forward. We cannot say no to the government without willingly stepping up to cover what it takes away.

Taking a stand in our culture will cost you. I’m in. Are you?

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