What WILL You Do In 2017?

We have eaten, we have spent, and we have partied. Christmas has come, leaving us bloated, broke, and exhausted. Naturally what follows Christmas is a time where we all make resolutions that we do not in any way plan to keep. We WILL lose weight, we WILL get fit, we WILL save money this year, we WILL get the right priorities, quit drinking, stop smoking, and actually keep all of the resolutions that we failed to keep last year.
The mission of First Baptist Church of Vidalia is to “connect people to God, to each other, and to the world.”
As you are thinking through changes in your life for the next year, can I challenge you to make three resolutions a priority?
1. Choose to connect with God this year. Take a bold step to read the Bible daily for the first time. As a church, we are going to publish a daily reading plan so that you might be able to actually read the entire Bible in a year. Perhaps reading the entire Bible might be too daunting, so make a plan to read from the Bible every day. YouVersion offers many great plans to accomplish this goal.
2. Choose to connect with other believers this year. It is very easy to show up to church, enjoy the service, and go home. God never intended for the Christian life to be lived alone. God gave us the church as a community to be a body to belong to. FBCV offers many Bible study classes where you can build relationships and connect with other believers. If you are not involved in a small group, would you join one this year? If you are involved in a small group, would you invite a friend to come and be a part of our community?
3. Choose to connect with the world through serving at church. Every person has been given talents by God to reach the world for Jesus. You will feel spiritually healthy and fulfilled when you are using your gifts for God. No matter how God has equipped you, there is a place at FBCV for you to serve. If you don’t know where to serve, come and talk with any of the staff members, and we will be glad to plug you into where you fit.


This year, take the bold step of “connecting with God, with each other and with the world.” 

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