FBC Vidalia Is Launching a New Service. Here Is Everything You Need to Know:

By now you probably have heard that FBC Vidalia is moving to two services on Sunday mornings; one at 8:00 am and one at 10:30 am. I am excited about the prospect of creating more space for new friends and family members in this body of faith. I am also excited about the evangelistic opportunities this move will give us as a congregation. However, with a move of this gravity I am sure that you have a number of questions that need answers concerning all of this and how it will work.  As your pastor and on behalf of the staff, we want to try and answer those questions to the best of our ability.
Why do we need two services? I still see a few seats available in the worship center.  Since our arrival to FBCV, we have been able to see first-hand that God has blessed our church. We are averaging 85-90% of seating capacity week after week. Friends, this is evidence of God’s work within our church. However, the problem this presents is when guests arrive at 10:30, our worship service appears full. Very few guests will be willing to stay when they feel that it is  difficult to find a seat. By moving to two services, we will open up our building so that they may easily find a seat and hopefully become family and friends in our church body.
What will happen with Sunday School when we move to two services?
The last time our church attempted to move to multiple services, Sunday School was split and classes were faced with a choice of one service or the other. Our goal this time around is to keep Sunday School unified from 9:15-10:15. While hosting the8:00 am and the 10:30 am service with Sunday School “sandwiched” in the middle, our church will be able to maintain its unity through small group bible studies. We also feel it is important to try and avoid separating multi-generational families from being able to worship together. Two services – One Sunday School.
Will there be a traditional and contemporary service?
If I have one passion in the church, it is unity and with that our approach to a style of worship will be a reflection of that. Both our 8:00 am and 10:30 am service will have the same songs, the same sermon and even the same announcements. Our goal is that you might be able to attend either service (or both) without seeing a difference. The very simple reason we are pursuing this is to maintain one body and strive for unity between the two services.
How will business meetings work with both services?
Our quarterly business meetings are currently scheduled on Sunday nights. The church will not conduct any business in one service without the presence of the other. All church business will be conducted through a unified body and this will be communicated “before-hand” to both services.
How will child care work with both services?
As of today, we will be offering nursery and children’s church only in the 10:30service. It is our goal to eventually expand nursery care into the 8:00 am hour as well however, this service to young families will be completely dependent upon those who would be willing to volunteer to serve in that capacity during that hour.
When do we start?
We will launch into two services on January 1st, 2017.
What can I do?
I’m so glad you asked!
There are 4 key things we will need in the coming weeks.

1. We need your prayers. Pray for God’s use of our two services for His glory and kingdom.  Pray for our staff as well.
 2. We need commitment. In the very near future, we will distribute slips for you to commit to either the 8:00 am or the 10:30am service. This information will help us plan and be ready for our two service launch.
3. We need workers. Already our church is in need of those who are willing to serve.  With two services, we will need many to serve in one service, attend Sunday School and then plan to worship in another service. By serving, studying and worshiping, or worshiping, studying and serving, our church will allow every volunteer an opportunity to worship.
 4. We need you to bring your friends and family. If we simply move to another service, we will have the same number of people in two services. Moving to twoservices gives us an opportunity to reach new people for Jesus and grow our church. My challenge to you is to not only join me as we move to two services, but also join in the pursuit of filling both services for the glory of God.
As always, it is good to be your pastor,


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