How the Church Should Respond to Muslim Refugees

In recent days in America, the discussion of Muslim immigrants has been reawakened. The discussion centers around whether America should open its borders to displaced Muslims and accept the risk that a fractional minority might come meaning harm or protect our people and close our borders until we can be sure of our safety.

I am going to be straightforward here. There are many people on both sides of this issue who are far smarter and have better information than I do and who would be better equipped to discuss this. I am in no way qualified to approach this topic with anything other than reaction, which is where most of us are.

My passion and expertise are in the church. As this discussion has moved forward, I believe God has exposed the fear we live with which has paralyzed the people of God from ministry and evangelism to a people whom God has called us to reach. My care does not lie in the decisions of the White House but instead in the hearts of the people of God.

God has called the church to bring the Gospel to all nations. Within this command, God did not tell the church to go only to those who would be friendly to the church or go only to those who were our allies. He called the church to every people group across this world. This means we bring the message with our words and our actions that God has loved his enemies by sacrificing himself for them. This means we as Christians are called to take up the same cross of self sacrifice for those who are our enemies.

Paul, in the book of Romans, states that he is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many in the Roman church were growing weary of the persecution they faced on an everyday basis. Paul’s statement was an encouragement to continue to live out the bold love of Jesus Christ towards people whom they feared.

Christian friends, let’s leave the politics to the politicians and embrace the call of Christ.Will you pray for the millions of Muslims across our world who do not know Jesus? When you see a Muslim family, will you intentionally go out of your way to know them and love them? Many foreign families long for community and friendships which become difficult in these politically polarizing times. Will you show the same love to them that Christ has shown to you? This summer, FBC Vidalia is going on mission to love and share the good news of Christ with Muslims. There would be no greater gift you can give to these people than the gift of life in Jesus Christ. Would you consider going?


Muslims are not our enemies. They are image bearers of God for whom Jesus Christ died. If Jesus Christ died for them, our call is to follow Him.

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