Should a Christian Watch 50 Shades Darker?

50 Shades Darker is porn. Let’s be straightforward about it. 50 shades is not a romantic movie to watch with your significant other, and it is not a catalyst to spice up your relationship. It is porn.
We are now living in the full expression of the sexual revolution, and it is important for us as believers to understand the consequences of our actions. Going to watch a movie that involves any nudity or sexual act has far reaching consequences. 
1. Watching porn kills your relationship with God. 
As Christians, the motivation of our lives should not be whether something is permissible but instead whether our actions lead us further into a relationship with God or away. Let me be clear — porn is a sin. Jesus states in Scripture that anyone “who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” 
John Piper articulates clearly what watching shows like 50 Shades or Game of Thrones does in his blog
2. Watching porn pollutes your mind. 
Porn works in the same way drugs work. The images consumed cause a reaction in your brain which demand more and more. When porn takes a foothold in your life, it will only escalate. Like a drug, you will not be satisfied by the images you previously viewed but will need more graphic and vivid forms.  
This article by The Gospel Coalition communicates the physiological changes that will happen in your mind when you consume porn. (There are videos at the end that are more easily understood.)
3. Watching porn will hurt your sexual life. 
The affects of porn on your sexual life are serious. An addiction is caused because porn both creates an unrealistic expectation of your partner and raises what is necessary for pleasure since the pornography has numbed your brain. Simply put, porn will destroy your sex life. In a time where people are turning to porn to spice up things, porn will actually cripple your sexual relationship. 
Fight the New Drug, communicates this point in detail here
4. Watching porn will destroy your marriage. 
Porn is selfish. It is gratifying yourself in an act which God built for trust. Porn will devalue your spouse, erode the trust of your marriage, make you see you partner as a sexual object and not a person, and eventually lead you to isolation.  Porn will destroy your marriage. 
Relevant Magazine details the effects of porn on marriage. 
5. Watching porn enables an industry of sex trafficking. 
Huffington Post makes the point more simply that I can, “As long as America’s men are being trained to think that violent, disturbing pornography is sexually acceptable, an enormous clientele for sex traffickers is being created every day in homes, college dorms, and apartments across the nation.”
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With all of that said, don’t watch 50 Shades. Unsubscribe from HBO and create accountability in your home for what your eyes see. Porn is far more dangerous than you realize. Let’s own up to this vile practice and take the steps necessary to remove it from our lives.

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