How You Can Make Easter Sunday Successful at Your Church

Easter Sunday is possibly the biggest Sunday we will see all year at First Baptist Vidalia. Our services will be packed with family and friends who are coming together to worship the risen Saviour.  Easter Sunday is also one of the greatest opportunities we have to share the good news of the gospel with members of our community. I have taken the liberty below to list a few ways to help you in making our guests feel welcome and to encourage them to encounter the gospel this Easter Sunday.

1. Invite your neighbors to join you.
Easter week seems to be the one week all year that most people are looking for an invitation to go to church. Many former members might consider coming back and a personal invitation is all it would take to encourage them.  Many of your family members will be glad to go, but you have to ask. This Easter, invite your neighbors. Offer to pick them up, buy them donuts or offer to take them to lunch afterwards.  There is no greater way to celebrate Easter than to see your friend and family turn to Jesus.

2. Give up your seat.
Easter Sunday services will be packed!  It is expected and anticipated!  Would you consider coming to the 8:00am service in order to make room for our new guests?  Also, would you be mindful and leave the back rows open, along with aisle seats?  This will free up space and  will make seating much easier for our new friends. If you notice a lack of seating, please be willing to give up your spot or go to an overflow room so that our first time and return guests will have room to join us comfortably.

3. Make new friends.
Easter morning, when first time or return guests walk by you, take time to get to know them.  Be sure to Introduce yourself, learn their names and be intentional in your efforts to connect with them.  God brings the mission field to us on Easter Sundays.  What an amazing opportunity this is to share the love of Christ and extend the fellowship of our church to new friends.

4. Invite guests back.
Your invitation to them doesn’t have to begin and end Easter Sunday.  There is nothing worse than inviting a friend to Easter and then waiting a whole year to invite them back.  My hope is that your guests will experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ through our church on Easter Sunday in a way that will draw them back week after week.  One of the easiest ways to reach our community is to invite them back the Sunday after Easter.

5. Park in the back of the lot or carpool to church.
While accommodating our guests on Easter Sunday, we need to not only worry about seating, but parking as well. On this specific Sunday, let me encourage you to carpool to church and then park towards the back of our lot. We want to make Easter Sunday as easy on our guests as possible and this begins when they drive up in the parking lot.

Friends I cannot wait to celebrate Easter Sunday with you. Will you join me as we reach our community with the gospel of Jesus.

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