Having Fun Together

Yesterday as I walked into my office, I was rebuffed by the odd sensation that my office smelled like a men’s restroom. No joke. In the last few weeks I have done basic spot checks with our custodial team, so I thought that my office was just getting the deep clean treatment. As my staff came in for the day, one by one they dropped in and commented that my office stunk. Each insinuated that my office smelled more like a restroom than a pastoral office. I just shrugged it off thinking that our custodial staff used the same chemicals in both places.

I sat in my office all day with the faint memories of baseball stadium restrooms.

After enjoying the  fragrance most of the day, I finally figured out what was happening. My associate pastor, Jase Ellis, walked in and grabbed a chair and pulled it next to my desk. I thought we were about to have a heart to heart conversation. Instead of sitting next to me, he stood on the chair pulled a plate full of urinal cakes off my book case and just laughed. Yes, the reason my office smelled like rundown convenience store restroom was that it was fragranced by beautiful pink urinal cakes.

This morning I am thankful for my staff. I’m thankful that God has so weaved us together that we enjoy one another. Every member of the FBCV team, from our custodial staff to our administrative staff to our ministerial staff finds joy in serving together. Church friends, God has been good in sending each staff member to our church.

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