While I was growing up in church, my parents used to sing me the song “Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little eyes what you see, for the father of love is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.” As Christians it is easy to label much of what we consume as unhealthy to our Christian faith. We can look at media which portrays racist themes, demeans women, or drops 4 letter words as vile. We know that HBO shows which employ grotesque nudity are filth.

I am growing more and more concerned that the most dangerous content Christians ingest is not the blatant filth of the secular world but the hidden filth within the Christian world.

The sort of content I am talking about is music that sounds Christian but deep down has an unbiblical message. It is found in sermons and churches who preach the prosperity gospel (God will only bring you good things), all the while passing it off as authentic Christianity.

Not all that is labeled Christian is actually Christian. There is much out there labeled Christian whose message leads you to abandon the truth of scripture and the power of the Gospel for a lie which looks much like Christianity. Bleach and water look the same when poured in a cup.

Friends, be discerning about what you you consume. Our staff at FBCV had a conversation this week about things we have heard and seen recently which sounded true but were not. If you have questions about a song, a sermon, or podcast, ask us. Our heart is to see you grow to love God and follow Him fully. Our heart is for you to experience the joy of the true Gospel.  

Discernment is not an easy task, but much of what is called Christian these days will lead you away from Christ.


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