Celebrate Recovery

One of the ministries near and dear to my heart at First Baptist Church of Vidalia is our Celebrate Recovery ministry.

This ministry is for anyone who has hang ups, habits and hurts. It is a ministry to anyone who has addictions. Some people come with drug addictions, others come with food addictions. It is not just for one group of people but it is for anyone. Deep down we all face the constant fight against sin. Call it an addiction, a habit, a hangup, but deep within us we have a sin nature we fight against.

The heart of Celebrate Recovery is the understanding that you are broken and in need of something else. That something is the healing hand of Jesus Christ.

Every person who speaks at CR begins with brokenness. “I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with…”

With every person beginning in brokenness, a true fellowship is found as people are accepted “as they are” with the genuine purpose of escaping broken lives through the power of Jesus Christ.

Celebrate Recovery serves in many ways as beautiful picture of what church can be. Aren’t we all broken people? Aren’t we all on a journey to escape our sin by the power of Jesus Christ? Isn’t our fellowship founded in the fact that our hope is found in Christ alone?

Can I invite you to Celebrate Recovery? They meet every Thursday night at FBCV. Celebrate Recovery is a place for broken people to find healing in a perfect Savior.


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