Communication Is Difficult

There has never been another time with more options for communication than today. The options are endless. You can text, tweet, IM, snap, email, mail, call, visit, announce, and send smoke signals to whomever you want. On my phone I connect with people through facebook, snapchat, instagram, strava, facetime, twitter, messenger, WhatsApp, texts, mail, wordpress, and even traditional calls. It is dizzying. Even though there are more options today, communication has never been more difficult.

It is impossible to communicate through every channel and impossible to even keep up with every means of communication.

As a church we officially communicate through the weekly bulletin, the bimonthly Bridge, announcements on Sunday morning, announcements in Sunday School, projected slides before services, a facebook page, email, an online calendar, and our website. We have 9 different avenues of communication. Communication is difficult.

The bridge offers the most detailed picture of what is happening in the life of our church. With that said, a good portion of our church doesn’t even know it exists or does not read it.

We send out emails to communicate prayer needs and church events, but because we all receive dozens to hundreds of emails daily, those emails don’t get opened.  

We can post a promo on our facebook page, but if the facebook algorithm doesn’t deliver it to your news feed, you will miss it.

Communication is difficult.

We are working to improve communication at FBCV.

We are targeting 3 areas of improvement in regards to our communication.

  1. We are placing a weekly calendar into the bulletin so that you can see in detail what is happening in our church.
  2. We are going to be working diligently to communicate well through the Bridge. If you want to know what is happening at FBCV, please subscribe.
  3. We will be organizing our emails so that you can subscribe to information which directly connects to your interests in the church. You can subscribe to: the Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Student’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry, “For Vidalia” Ministry, Choir/Praise Team, Women On Mission, and Young at Heart. You will have the option to sign up for a daily list of prayer requests or to join our Prayer Warriors who receive prayer requests immediately. Most importantly, please subscribe to FBCV Family News which will connect you with the bridge and a weekly overview of what’s happening at FBCV.

Over the next few Sundays be on the lookout for a form in the morning bulletin giving you the opportunity to sign up for the email groups you want to get information from. If you would like to sign up for all of them, simply check each box. You can drop that form in the offering plate or hand it to me as you leave after church.  

We will also be sending an email to the existing church email list asking you to subscribe. On that email will be a link. Please click the link and fill out the form.

If you would like to sign up today click here.

It is our hope and desire to communicate in a way which helps our body know and connect with what is happening at our church.


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