2019 Goals

2019 is here, I traditionally  write a blog about resolutions I plan to keep. While I know that I will fall short on a few of my goals, I still feel it is important to think through areas of growth and improvement in my life for the next year.

So without further ado, here are my goals/resolutions for 2019.

  1. Focus on prayer. The great void in my spiritual life is my time in prayer. Every day I start in the word and will finish in prayer. That said, my prayers are often rushed, unintentional, and interrupted by my thoughts. My goal this year is to journal my prayers and pursue intentionality in this aspect of my relationship with God.  
  2. Read a book a week. Hopefully in 2019, I will be Doctor Faulk. That said over the last year my reading list was in large part directed by syllabi. I am thankful for the DMin curriculum forcing me to be a reader. My goal in 2019 is to continue the practice of reading substantial books but without the check of grades and papers.
  3. Write one blog post a week. My blog has been neglected. I can claim that my blogging took a back seat to my education, but the truth is that my blog was neglected because of Netflix.  I know that to keep my mind sharp, I need to write. Hello wesfaulk.com I’m back.
  4. Be a better father. There have been many, many Saturdays I have sat at the dining room table with a computer working on papers. I have watched as my kids have played in the pool and watched as they have grown, all over the top of a computer screen. I have picked ministry over my kids too many times. This year my goal is to pick my kids.
  5. Work on my messy writing. I have the writing of a medical doctor. The first time my wife saw my handwriting she called it chicken scratch. For most of my life, I have blamed my dyslexia for my poor penmanship, and yes, that is partly the case. Excuses aside, I have allowed my learning disability to be a crutch where my handwriting has gotten worse and worse. This year I am going to work purposely on my handwriting.

One more… Normally I leave myself a running goal to keep me active, but because of a broken foot, I do not know what is next.

  1. A physical goal to be named later.

These are my goals for 2018, what are yours?


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