Our Crazy Weekend

The Faulks did something crazy this past weekend. We decided to put down all of our phones and attempt to spend time together. You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal with that?” but for us, it was huge.

I have become increasingly aware that my time spent staring at a glowing screen is simply not healthy. Most days I am woken by my phone’s alarm, and I immediately go to check Facebook for updates, comments, and likes. Most days my phone is an accessory which is checked constantly for emails, texts, phone calls, status updates, and tweets. I don’t want to miss a thing.

As I sat down for breakfast the morning of our phone purge, I realized the depth of my addiction. I could feel the pull all meal as if I was missing a limb of my body. Once I got beyond the shock of losing my phone, the most amazing thing happened, I heard my wife and my kids. Their voices ceased to be distractions that kept me from checking my phone, and became conversation I engaged in.

After breakfast we played board games, watched a tv show together, and talked. It was amazing. There was a glorious freedom found in spending time not worrying about catching a moment on camera, posting it to social media, and then checking Facebook a gazillion times to see whether people like me spending time with my family. I was present with my family.

As the evening came that night, each member of our family remarked on how much we loved spending time together without our phones.

Here is a question for you. At night when you are with your family, are you really there, or are you spending time in the same room staring at a glowing screen? There is a wonderful freedom in putting your phone down and truly being present with those you love.

That Facebook post, tweet, picture, or snap can wait. Choose to be present.

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