When God Closes a Door…

When God closes a door, he opens opens another one. God has big dreams for you – just believe and anything is possible. Perhaps the reason you are not experiencing blessing is because you don’t have enough faith.

These all sound good on the surface, but deep down are truly unscriptural. God may close a door without opening a window or creating another door. He may close a door because what is truly best for you is to have a door slammed in your face.

We have a false perception of God. Deep within us we believe that God exists to further our causes. We have bought into the self help/self esteem ideology of our day that says that God’s greatest desire is to give us what we want. Good feelings. Good bank account. Good job. Good vibes.

God is not concerned with your self esteem or your worldly success. God cares about your greater good. Your eternal good. That is why God may slam a door in your face. He cares enough for you to shut down the idol of materialism and self promotion you worship.

Deep within us, the idol of self promotion wars against God, so we continue to beat at the door until God opens it against our greater good. He hands us over to our desires and idols.

Sometimes God opens the door which is not best for us to show us how empty the idols of our desires truly are.  God will allow us to feel the emptiness of the open door so that we might run back to him.

We need to reject a shallow view of God’s plans for our lives. God cares more for our holiness than our temporary happiness. He cares more about our eternal home than about how big our home is on this earth. He works to build our character far more than our bank account.

So God may slam the door in your face, allowing and ordaining you to walk through sorrow, pain, hardship, and hurt for your good. 

In the midst of all of that, we gladly say, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”


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