Don’t Come to Church to Listen to Me.

Recently my wife and I were on our way home from a Christian event. It was a very normal event for us – great music, a well known name, and a challenging message were placed in front of us. As we were driving back my wife looked at me and said, “No one really preaches like you.”

I replied by asking what she meant. She responded by saying that most times when you hear a sermon, the preacher starts with reading the Bible passage they intend, but after reading it, they expound their own thoughts and ideas for the remainder of the sermon.  

It’s true. Most sermons you hear tend to reflect a person jumping off the diving board of scripture but swimming in the pool of their own ideas, thoughts, and suggestions for the crowd.

My preaching is intentionally different. My goal in preaching is to expound a text, illustrate it with the whole of scripture, and apply it within the context of how scripture would deal with its core truth in today’s world.

Why? Why be scripture focused, driven, illustrated, and applied?

I don’t believe I am all that smart of a man. When it comes to advice, people would be foolish to come to me a person who has less experience than a good number of people who come to my church. I am just now learning what it means to be a parent of preteens.

People should not come to church to listen to what I say.

People should come to church to listen to what God says and what God has spoken. He has spoken through His Word, the Bible. The Bible states that it is sufficient for life and godliness. The Bible states that it equips believers for every good work. Scripture never comes back empty.

When I get up to preach, I do not preach my thoughts. I come up to share what God’s Word says.

That’s my job.

When Scripture drives the sermon, illustrates the sermon, and applies the sermon, you will see life change in a far deeper way than with a pastor who gets up and gives you tips for a better life. Scripture changes you inside and out. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you are made new by God’s Word.

I unapologetically preach God’s Word. Friends, please don’t settle for sermons that start by reading God’s Word and depart into personal speeches. That’s not preaching. Self-help disguised as preaching is not preaching.   

God’s Word will change you heart, mind, and soul!

If you are a pastor, preach the Word, apply the Word, and hold only to the Word!

Church friends, do not accept any preaching that is not bathed beginning to end in the life changing words of Scripture.

Let it be a lamp unto our feet and a light to our paths.


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