A Few Thoughts From the 75th

The 75th anniversary of our church was a treat. It was a joy to see former staff and friends gather to celebrate the goodness of God at FBCV over our 75 year history. We truly are the miracle of the Delta.

This anniversary made me a bit nostalgic. As with any birthday, you look back at the wonderful years behind while at the same time looking forward with anticipation towards what is to come. I certainly hope that I will get to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of FBCV as pastor. It would be my 28th year. Looking forward, there are three hopes I have.

1. That the next 25 years will be evangelism focused.  The hope of Vidalia is the gospel of Jesus. Every person in our community needs the gospel. My hope is that every person within our church would gladly bring the gospel into their own circle of influence.

2. That the next 25 years will be marked by service. I am thankful for the incredible worship experience we have each and every Sunday. I am thankful for every small group and Bible study which dines on the Word of God. It is easy to be a consumer at our church. My hope is that every person at FBCV would take the step beyond gaining the benefits of the church to finding a place of service within the church.

3. That the next 25 years will be mission focused years. The world needs the transforming life of Jesus Christ. My hope for FBCV is that we flood the mission field with financial support, prayer, and missionaries. It is my hope that the gospel to our community and to our world would become the very DNA of our church.

Will you join me? Will you join me as we follow God? Will you join me in building an evangelistic, serving, and mission focused church?

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