Who’s Your One?

The past few weeks I have been challenging our church to find one person to reach with the good news of Jesus Christ. It is a simple concept and could change both our town and church forever. 

Just imagine, if every person in our church brought one person to Jesus Christ. Our church, city, families, and state would be forever changed. 

More than that though, your “one’s” eternity would be forever changed. This strategy is not about growing our church, nor creating a story. It is about loving those close to you enough to share the life transforming story of Jesus Christ. 

Here are just a few opportunities to reach your friends:

  1. Pick up a new hobby: The longer a person is a Christian, the greater a struggle it is to have unbelieving friends. As you embrace the community of faith, continue to love and build relationships with people who are not genuinely saved. Many in church do not have unchurched friends. If that is you, go join a non-church softball team, or find a hobby where you can build relationships outside the walls of your church. Be intentional, so that you are the light to those you meet. 
  2. Recommit to your kids: Perhaps the biggest step you need to make is to recommit to leading your kids to love Jesus. Becoming intentional in living out your faith and leading your kids to do the same is essential in helping them become fully committed followers of Jesus. Recommit to being the example and leading them to make the things of God first priority in your family’s life. 
  3. Reach out to a friend who fell out of church: We have all had that moment where we have stopped and said, “Where did —- go?” Don’t just stop and let that moment pass. Reach out to them and invite them back.
  4. Talk to your family: Every family has people who need Jesus. Reaching out to family members is often difficult because you don’t want to create awkwardness. That said, if you truly love your family, you will make faith a priority in what you talk about.
  5. Be missional in your friendships: Perhaps the greatest change we all need is to see friendships differently. God has called you to be an ambassador for Him. You should see every relationship you have as an opportunity to represent God and His grace. Every relationship is an opportunity for the gospel.

My genuine hope is that “Who’s Your One” might be a transforming moment in the life of our church. My genuine hope is that we all would embrace the challenge to always reaching beyond our walls to friends, family, and even strangers who need Jesus Christ. 

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