Our Next Steps

I am thankful for Matt Duff. I am thankful for the worship he has led our church through. I am thankful for the friend he will continue to be even as he steps into a new role at both Delta Charter School and his next church.

You may be wondering about what is next. Our church will be entering into a purposeful process in determining who will be our next pastor over worship. 

The first step in the process is finding an interim worship leader to serve our church. The personnel committee will be diligent and wise in finding a quality person to serve our church. Please pray for them and for God’s guidance. 

The next step is for our nominating committee to select a search committee. On February 2 our nominating committee will present to the church during the business meeting the prospective committee members. I asked them to select a committee of both senior, median, and young adults. I also asked them to include both long term and newer members. Most importantly, I asked them to select people of spiritual depth. I believe they have. 

Once the search committee is selected, they will confidentially and diligently begin the work of finding our next worship pastor. Their job is not to find the person they like the most but to find the person God has for our church. My hope is that prayer will guide the committee. During this time, please respect the process and confidentiality of the committee. They have an incredibly important job. Please allow them the space to hear from God. 

When the pastoral candidate is selected, he will be presented to the entire church. We will make sure to give everybody plenty of notice. He will lead worship during both services. We will also do our best to allow everybody to get to know him. After he leads in both services we will hold an evening business meeting to vote and confirm as a church that God has called our candidate to us.

My heart and hope in this process is that it is a prayerful and spiritual process. I want God to guide every step we take. I want God to put His man in our church. 

Remember when Israel demanded a king? God sent them the king they wanted. Saul fit all the criteria. Then God sent them His king, one who did not fit the criteria but who God had intended for them to follow – David. 

As we begin the process of searching for our next worship pastor, may we seek God’s man and not ours. How will this happen?  It will happen when we prayerfully seek God’s will and not our wants. 

Pray for our committee and pray for the man God is leading to our church. 

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