Reclaiming Christian America: A Different Strategy

A beautiful thing happened three months ago. As the viral/economic/political pandemic began (you choose based off of your news sources) we as a people pulled together. We celebrated our essential workers, made sacrifices to take care of our most vulnerable friends, and cheered on our nurses. 

I remember sitting in the small radio station leading prayers as people from around the Miss Lou packed the parking lots around our hospitals to pray over and encourage our frontliners. The videos of people blasting praise music, flashing their lights, and honking their support gave me goosebumps. 

It was like a reset button was pressed. All the political fighting, culture war bashing, and truth bomb launching was set aside as we embraced each other in our community. We are better together. Well at least for a few moments we were better together. 

This neighborliness did not last long. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and it takes more than a viral crisis to kill the selfishness of our hearts. We were better together, but truthfully, there is not much togetherness anymore. No sooner had the goosebumps of community love vanished from my skin had the rage of selfish warfare begun again. 

I can’t keep up with the differing wars that are being fought online. My opinion: a large portion of our population has found themselves with too much time on their hands, staring into the void of social media. With this, instigators are stirring the pot, playing on people’s fear, insecurity, and biases. 

People are turning to what they trust most. If you find solace in politics, you will find articles that prey on your fear and drop truth bombs accusing those on the other side of the aisle of using conspiracy for political gain. Can we be truthful for a moment? All the politicians are using this crisis to further their political platform by sowing seeds of fear through accusations of the other political party. Both political parties are destroying your heart through fear mongering. 

Straight up: any article that claims one drops a truth bomb on someone else, or claims that one person destroys another person is foolishness – that should be ignored. Any article which pits you against the other party needs to be seen for what it is, biased fodder for the trash. 

Sadly, we all are starting to emulate these fear mongering sources as a way of communicating. We live offended at others constantly lobbying truth bombs at others. As good soldiers of Christ we attempt to live out the mantra, “If anyone wants to come after me let him grab his truth bomb and lob it at anyone who disagrees.” Except Jesus never said anything like that.  

Shame on us for allowing the devil to have such a foothold in our lives that we kill and destroy one another online somehow thinking that we are doing good. 

The only thing that happens when you drop truth bombs is that you leave behind people who are wounded and enraged by your warfare. 

There are absolutely casualties in this culture war that we are so vigilant to continue. Perhaps the greatest casualty is our hearts and our witness of Jesus Christ. The culture war has destroyed our love for people and witness to the world. 

The gospel message is not a bat by which we beat our adversaries into submission. Frankly we aren’t even at war over the gospel. We are beating the life out of one another over issues far less important than the gospel and ruining our ability to share the gospel as a result. 

The gospel is the incredible news that the God of the universe died out of love for the very people at war against him. The gospel call to believers is to lay down their lives for those who have yet to trust Jesus Christ. The gospel call to believers is to show self sacrificing love to people who pursue war against us. 

I’ve seen so many posts of “Christian” leaders say that if we don’t fight to win this election cycle, tossing truthbombs and leaving our opponents in shame and disgrace, then we will lose Christian America. 

Christian America was lost the moment we abandoned the sacrificial cross of Christ and the gospel to embrace the pathetic idol of politics and truth bombs. 

America became a Christ-less nation the day that Christians abandoned both the gospel and its sacrificial call to replace it with politics and a culture war. 

Might we repent of our idols today and return not  only to Christ, but also to his ways? 

Oh that we would embrace empathy with our friends who disagree with us. Can you imagine our witness if we refused to fight but instead displayed radical self sacrificing love?

Oh that we would embrace kindness to a world always at war. It is one of the fruits God produces in your life when you follow him. Our kindness wouldn’t just be to people who look, act and vote like us, but instead a kindness that transcends the culture war. 

Oh that we would be people of mercy and grace. Surely if the God of the universe could give mercy and grace to us, his enemies, then we could do the same for our fellow man.

Can you imagine what would happen if  the people of God returned to God? If the people of God displayed empathy, kindness, mercy, and grace?

Perhaps at that moment, the world would see our savior through us and find life in him.  At that moment, they would turn to him, and we would be on our way to becoming a Christian nation again. 

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