Dear FBC Vidalia,

October is Pastor Appreciation month. Every year it is a reminder to me of the grace God has given me to serve as a pastor and more importantly a reminder of God’s grace in sending me to my church. God has blessed me by sending our family to Vidalia, La. God has placed me in a remarkable congregation who makes it a joy and honor to serve. 

Coming into this October is different. We are down two pastors and a full time secretary in our office. It is eerily quiet around our offices. I have always been grateful for the staff that I have had the pleasure of leading, but this year I am especially proud of my people. 

Over the course of the last few Sundays, folks have asked me how I’m doing. They ask how I’m handling the load with our church being short staffed. I am proud to say that every staff member at our church has stepped up to help carry the load. I am immensely proud of our people.

I am thankful for Mitzi Slatten, Sylvia Strahan, and Carrie Vest who have served our church selflessly in these last months. Each of these servants of Jesus has stepped up in this interim time to serve our church in ways far beyond their job descriptions. 

I know in many ways my face is the one people most often connect to our church, but in truth the true engine that makes our church go is our staff.

This past week in our staff meeting I was in awe of the love and passion our staff has for both our church and our community. It is not a job for our folks but instead a calling and labor of love. 

2020 has been an exhausting year. Churches across our country have dealt with challenges they have never experienced before. I know that every one our staff folks has/is walking through a season of fatigue and discouragement.  

It really is the year of two steps forward and one step back.   

In the midst of a year where every one of our ministries has needed to be reimagined, restarted, and rebuilt, our staff has risen to the challenge. 

Can I encourage you this October to take the time to appreciate the hard working staff of FBC Vidalia?

Hear me out, my hope is not that you would simply reply to this status and make a passing remark in the comments. May I exhort you to go out of your way to both encourage and bless the folks who serve our church and our city. 

Find ways to genuinely express your appreciation to our folks who serve the church selflessly.

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