Jane Roe

On Sunday afternoon I was watching coverage of the Notre Dame commencement and saw that “Jane Roe”, Norma McCorvey, was marching for pro life. Here is a video of her describing her change of heart. I am always astounded by God’s work in people’s lives. What do you think?


12 Axioms of the Great Commission Resurgence

Recently there have been rumblings in the SBC of a coming change that in my opinion will revive Baptist churches for years to come. At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Daniel Akin presented the 12 Axioms of the Great Commission Resurgence. It’s an hour long presentation, but well worth your time. http://www.sebts.edu/flash/videoPlayer/detail.swf?moviePath=/images/video/flv/7718677790.flv&VideoID=129&imagePath=/images/video/Large/7718677790_L.jpg


The Sinners Prayer- Biblical or Not?

For the next few blogs, I want to spend some time unpacking my ideas about what I think God’s intent for the church is. In this process I want to ask questions that maybe are challenging, some that may make me uncomfortable, and some that will in the end, through conformation with scripture, lead me […]