1 corinthians 1

Are the people of grace gracious?

All I ever needed to know about the human condition I learned as a restaurant waiter. As a waiter, I saw a cross section of humanity move through my table, some tables that brought a smile to my face and others just hurt my heart. During my tenure as a waiter I was called stupid, […]


The Uncomfortable Church

Have you ever asked why you go to church? When you found your church, what brought you there? Did you start coming for the children’s programs or youth programs? Did you start coming because of the style of music, the cool café out front, or the modern look of its facilities? Have you ever thought […]


Who Does the Pastor Serve?

The advice is common, “If you could do anything else in the world, and be happy in it, then do it.” I don’t know if I necessarily agree with this advice, but I certainly understand where it comes from. Ministry is tough. It requires leather skin, a soft heart, the ability to speak, study, care, […]