Jesus Was Not a Casualty of War

Every country is built on the men and women who give their lives in its service. Our country particularly has millions of people who have given not just their time and effort but also their physical lives to provide and protect the liberty we enjoy. For me, one of the most patriotic moments of my […]


The Sinners Prayer- Biblical or Not?

For the next few blogs, I want to spend some time unpacking my ideas about what I think God’s intent for the church is. In this process I want to ask questions that maybe are challenging, some that may make me uncomfortable, and some that will in the end, through conformation with scripture, lead me […]


A Case of the Mondays

I have to tell you; often as a pastor I’m discouraged. I get up on Sundays and Wednesdays and preach my heart out only to find the low of Monday morning where I ask the question what am I doing, what is God doing, and does any person in the church even remember what I […]